Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Anger and Rage...

We asked the team working on The Bear, what makes them angry? 

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ANGELA CLERKIN (Lead Artist, Performer).
“Very little makes me angry.The new NHS bill. The war in Afghanistan. Homophobia. Patriarchy. 6 counties of Ireland still owned by the UK. Older women’s under-representation in the media. Racism. Catholicism. Religion in general. Paedophilia. Miscarriages of justice. Olly Murs.’”

LEE SIMPSON (Director)
“I get angry at injustice and then really angry at my inability to communicate clearly about that injustice. I'm pretty steaming about the Norman invasion as well.”

GUY DARTNELL (Performer)
“It’s very, very petty but I get angry at other people’s success. It’s probably just bitterness, around thinking that I should possibly be more important, more famous or more powerful than I am. So I get angry when I am hearing about other peoples success, like what the fuck have they got, why are they there, what thy did it for that? Is that what you have to do to get a prize? That makes me angry.”

RAE SMITH (Designer)
“Intolerant people make me angry. I always think it is hilarious to be intolerant of being intolerant because it doesn’t help does it. It doesn’t help world peace to be like that.”

NICK POWELL (Composer)
“Croneyism and lack of empathy make me angry (other people's, that is... my own makes me feel warm and fuzzy).”

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