Friday, 15 March 2013

Reflections on the first week of rehearsals...

A little bit from Angela: 

We had a really grrreat Week 1 of rehearsals at the Ovalhouse. We followed our snouts and sniffed out the areas we most wanted to explore. We worked in an open space stylee and sessions included singing, short-story adapting, growling, process work exercises, abandoning ideas and having new ones, meetings, imagining our own deaths, wearing fur coats, lengthy (old codger) warm-ups and a friday lunchtime fry-up. 

And we had lots of lovely visitors including Team Improbable, Lucy Sierra, Mark Cunningham, Heather Uprichard and our producer Leo Wood. And on Wednesday Nicole Charles, who is helping us run an education project in conjunction with the making of The Bear, accompanied 19 students from George Monoux school. They came to watch us rehearse and then Lee ran 2 hour improvisation workshop. We ended the week in the Ovalhouse cafe talking with Matilda Leyser about wrestling bears (while watching Riddley cartoon-hitting Phelim!). 

I ran a workshop at London Bubble - they are based in the Swedish church near Canada Water - they are doing fab work there. Marie Vickers runs this amazing programme LB+ for young people 16+ who live in Southwark and are and are not in education, employment or training (NEET). I had a great time working with the lively, generous and funny group - a highlight for me was meeting the Prince of Lewisham!

One of my favourite things about this project is people sending me pictures of bears. On monday I had just finished re-writing a scene involving a soldier when I received this from Rob Thirtle :

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